The safe and easy handling of nanoparticles is a very important issue since many particles can be toxic below a certain size and/or with a certain shape. IOLITECnanomaterials supplies ready-to-use dispersions of various nanoparticles in different solvents and concentrations. Furthermore, the synthesis of custom-made dispersions using e. g. ionic liquids as stabilizing additives is possible on request.

A representative example for a successful and application-oriented product development is the dispersion of MWCNTs in water via ultrasound with suitable ILs as additives. The stabilizing effect of the ILs is clearly illustrated if the dispersions are stressed by centrifugal forces. The obtained CNT dispersions are suitable for printing using a standard inkjet-printer. Multi-layer printing on paper leads to an area with low resistance in comparison to plain paper.

Our offered custom manufacturing of dispersions includes a screening of the most promising ionic liquids and/or other additives as well as a determination of the dispersion's stability by using Photo Cross Correlation Spectroscopy (PCCS). This allows the preparation of long-term stable products. The included nanopowders are stabilized at their defined particle size, with no secondary agglomeration.


Product overview:

  • Titanium oxide (TiO2, rutile, 40 wt%, 30-50 nm) in water (DP-0001-HP)
  • Titanium oxide (TiO2, anatase, 20 wt%, 15 nm) in 2-propanol (DP-0002-HP)
  • Titanium oxide (TiO2, anatase, 15 wt%, 5-30 nm) in water (DP-0006-HP)
  • MWCNTs (1 wt%) in water (DP-0003-HP)
  • MWCNTs (3 wt%) in NMP (DP-0012-HP)
  • SWCNTs (0.5 wt%) in water (DP-0004-HP)
  • DWCNTs (1 wt%) in water (DP-0005-HP)
  • Zinc oxide (ZnO, 20 wt%, 40 nm) in water (DP-0007-HP)
  • Zinc oxide (ZnO, 40 wt%, 20 nm) in 1-Methoxy-2-propylacetate (DP-0008-HP)
  • gamma-aluminum oxide (Al2O3, 10 wt%, 15 nm) in 2-propanol (DP-0009-HP)
  • Copper nanoparticel (Cu, 14 wt%, 5-7 nm) in org. solvent (DP-0011-HP) 
  • Silicon oxide (SiO2, 40 wt%, 20 nm) in water (DP-0013-HP)


Other dispersions or slurries of metals, metal oxides or carbon-based nanoparticles are available. Furthermore, we offer the deleopement of customized products on request.

If you are interested in our dispersion products please contact us.