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Nanotechnology is a rapidly growing technological market with an overwhelming number of innovative applications, as e. g. the miniaturization of electronics or the synthesis of completely new composite materials with remarkable and unique properties. Nanotechnology materials are already in daily use (an estimated global market of about 15 billion $ in 2015) and there is still a great demand for new and up to date high-tech nanoproducts. As we know from multiple customer requests, it is often difficult to choose the right nanomaterial for a specific utilization. Based on our extensive and interdisciplinary experience over many years, we are able to find the product with properties fitted best for your desired application.

Contract research

IOLITECnanomaterials offers the efficient development of “tailor-made” nanoparticle dispersions and the realization of detailed feasibility studies for different technological purposes. Furthermore, we offer a large variety of nanopowders in various shapes, particle sizes and surface areas. Our product range comprises metals, metal oxides, nitrides and carbides as well as a diversity of carbon based particles, e.g. fullerenes, graphene and nanotubes. Our extensive knowledge in the field of nanotechnology enables the choice and preparation of suitable products with task-specific, optimized physical and/or chemical parameters.

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